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 Too Many Ethnics 
Short Film, 10 mins

Three best friends are pushed to their limits as they endure trials of racism, love and friendship in the long line to get into an exclusive nightclub.

TME A&B Shots - 04.02.2021 - 145.jpg
 Halal Gurls 
Comedy Series (Online), 6 x 10 mins

Follows three 20-something hijabis living their best lives in Bankstown.


Short Film, 10 mins

A young Filipino boy in Western Sydney gets an enchanting crash-course in his homeland culture when his uncle reveals himself to be a cross-dresser in the 'Bakla' tradition.


Short Documentary, 5 mins

What happens when six strangers from different walks of life respond to an online ad to meet someone new for the first time in front of a camera? A social experiment unpacking first impressions and the lost art of conversation.



Short Film, 9 mins

A young man in suburbia develops a fascination with his neighbour. As he watches from his bedroom, a shared secret from their past slowly reconnects the two, reigniting a hidden desire.


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