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 Boy (Space) Friends 
10 x 30 mins Comedy Series
A queer comedy series about a group of boys in love with each other, just not in the way you expect.
Based on the short film, follows three members of the same Filipino family trying to build a sense of home in Australia.
The summer of 2004 - when Emo culture and Blockbuster ruled. Two very different brothers find their own tribes, growing into their own skins, but find themselves growing apart.
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30 mins Sitcom
Based on the sold out theatre show written by Kate Allison and Vonne Patiag, Obviously! is a queer sitcom following a group of misfit twenty-somethings who fight to prove they are more than what they obviously are.
A time-travelling mystery told in real time - follows an endless summer in Soko's life when she stumbles across a time travel device that gives her second (and third... and fourth...)  chances at love and friendship, and which might reveal the truth about her missing Father.
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